Infrared Transmitters

InfraRed transmitters are lightweight portable controls that allow a person to control equipment by simply pressing a button. Similar to a television control in function but much more powerful so that you do not have to point at the device you want to control – a vital feature for a person with a disability.

A transmitter is for somebody who has difficulty turning on light switches, operating the telephone, opening the front door etc. The type of transmitter can have a big impact on whether the system will be a success or not. Consequently a large range is available from single button devices to touch screen displays.

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425300+ProgressGEWA Progress

The GEWA Progress is an InfraRed transmitter with a bright 3.5” sunlight readable colour touch-screen display. Technically it is the most advanced environmental control but paradoxically it is the easiest to use. This is because the screen displays pictures of what it is you want to control. To operate a device, such as turning on the room light, all you have to do is touch that picture on the display. If the user cannot touch the screen one or two switches can be connected and the pictures can be scanned. For users with a visual impairment auditory feedback and auditory scanning with “real” recorded speech can assist.

The GEWA Progress is fully programmable and can store a maximum of 256 environmental control functions each with a unique picture. The size and number of the pictures can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs. If the number of pictures required cannot fit onto the screen then the pictures can be grouped into different functional pages, for example one page for the television controls and another for the house light controls. 30 ready made pages and several hundred pictures are included.

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425700+Control+ProgControl Prog

The Control Prog  is the most popular Infra-Red transmitter, highly versatile, simple to use and easy to program.

The unit has 18 15x15mm keys that are operated by a light activation force of just 150gm. For people who require more than 18 functions, up to 10 pages or levels can be defined giving access to a maximum of 161 functions. Using levels, each key has a different function depending on what level is selected. For example you can have one level for the phone, one for the television control and another for house functions such as lights, window openers etc. Pressing the level key changes the level.

The Control Prog contains a large number of scanning options and is ideal for people who cannot access keys directly but who can have the ability to press one or more switches.

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seniorpilot2Senior Pilot

The Senior Pilot is a remote control with large illuminated keys and a comprehensive set of transparent symbols which can be placed underneath the key caps.

The unit consist of 14 keys which can be freely assigned and programmed to control most devices. A large red key at the top of the unit is reserved for the most frequently used function, such as a service call. A similar key at the bottom turns on a back light.

The Senior Pilot is also switch accessible. A single switch can be used to activate a scan of the buttons and make selections.

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A very popular transmitter with six 17mm diameter keys. Up to 20 functions can be accessed on 4 levels but it is more often used as a simple 6 key – 6 function device.

An external switch can be connected to the unit giving access to the function on key 1. This can be used in a night position for example to turn on a light or activate an alarm.

The unit is ideal where only a small number of house functions and a limited amount of TV control is required.

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425711+ControlTv9SP & Control TV

Similar to the 5SP but with 10 keys and no external switch socket. Up to 36 functions can be accessed on 4 levels or it can be used as a simple 10key-10function device.

Blanking discs can be used to fill up unused keys and overlays can be inserted underneath the key-guard.

Also comes in a special version for use as an alternative TV control called a Control TV.

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401104+IR-1SP+Micro+CMYK1 SP

The 1SP is a single button transmitter that can be worn like a neck pendant. It can be used to access a single function and is ideal for door entry where a user does not wish to carry a standard remote control outside. A 3 function version is available with 2 sockets that allow you to connect standard switches.

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bigjackBig Jack

The Big Jack is a programmable InfraRed transmitter that can be used to control up to six devices using switches. For example Switch 1 could be programmed to turn on a television and Switch 2 could be programmed to change the t.v. station. A great tool for cause and effect training and introducing switch use.

When used in combination with an InfraRed controlled mains adapter the Big Jack can be used to introduce the concept of environmental control. The switches can be easily programmed to turn on and off electric appliances such as lights, radios, fans etc.

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