Door Openers & Locks

Opening doors can be difficult for a wheelchair user or an elderly person. Very often the assistance of a friend or neighbour is required to open the front door of their home. At work they are dependent on their colleagues and peers for access into, out-of and within the building. By fitting door opening systems a person can access buildings, whether they be at home, the workplace or school, by themselves, independently and safely.

portmarnock 2 020How do they work ?

When the user signals the door to open the lock is released and the door swings open. After the user passes through the door it can either close automatically after a set period of time or the door can be signalled to close. For other individuals the door and lock behave in the normal way except when you start pushing open the door the electric motor takes over and opens it the rest of the way.

What components are needed?

An electric motor is fitted above the door on the inside which either pushes or pulls the door open or closed. An electric lock replaces the existing lock and releases automatically before the door opens, and, locks automatically after the door closes.

A control is used to open the door. An internal door can be opened automatically using a presence detector or manually using a wall switch or remote control. For external doors it is common to use a pendant or proximity detector when outside and to use an intercom or telephone interface when inside.

door opener2Important considerations…

Electric door openers can be fitted to timber, metal or PVC doors and mortise locks, rim locks and multi-point locks can be made to open electrically. The type of door opener and lock required can have a big impact on the cost. Other important factors include the depth of the reveal around the door, the type of material used in the wall above the door, location of electric power and the orientation of the door in relation to the prevailing wind.

All these factors are considered when we carry out a site survey. If you are designing a new building or extension you can minimise the installation costs now by following our guidelines. Please contact us for information.