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Environmental control is a way of enabling a person to live more independently and safely in their house or apartment using technology. Environmental control systems can bring huge benefits to a person with a disability in terms of access, safety and independence.


What’s it all about…

Depending on what the needs and requirements are environmental control systems can be simple or advanced. For example, a person who as difficulty using their hall door key can be given an electronic key, much like a car alram key, which will release an electric lock when they press it. Similarly a wheelchair user may require the above solution with the addition of an electric door opener. Another example is the person who cannot get to the phone quickly. They can be be given a hands-free phone with a remote control so that they can make and receive callas from the comfort of wherever they are sitting.

How does it work…

A lot can be achieved using controls that a person is already familiar with. For example large switches positioned at low height for turning on and off lights and other equipment or using the existing house phone to answer a call at the door and release an electric lock. For people who cannot operate standard controls a remote control or Infra-red transmitter, to give it it’s correct name, enables them to access all house functions from one device simply by pressing a switch.

The advantage of a remote control is that all house functions can be consolidated onto one portable lightweight device. You can operate your television set, turn on and off room lights, answer the door or telephone, open a window and much more. It is surprising how many functions can be fitted onto a small device and yet remain simple to use and easy to understand. For people with poor hand function certain controls have a scanning capability and can be operated using one or more well positioned switches.

Getting started…

There is much to consider when providing somebody with environmental control. We will work alongside your occupational therapist during this process and help reach a solution that is both functional and appropriate. Part of our service is to be present at assessments and carry out site surveys free of charge. When the order is placed we install the equipment, train the user and put in place a backup service.